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1. Write these sentences in the negative form.

1. She plays the guitar very badly. 2. You do your homework every day. 3. Her friends like pizza and pasta. 4. Bill loves sweet things. 5. We work very hard. 6. She smokes too much. 7. I understand the exercise. 8. He lives in Paris 9. They know the book. 10. Jack watches too much tv.

2. Complete these negative sentences with these verbs. Use don't or doesn't

1. The car is very dirty. Heit very often. 2. He lives in France but heFrench very well. 3. She's got a very good job but sheit. 4. Laura's got a great car but she 5. Paul and Annbecause it's bad for their health. 6. MelTV because shetime. 7. Weto Switzerland. It's very expresive. 8. Imuch about physics. 9. Theyin Rome any more. 10. The filmuntil nine.

3. Correct the sentences if necessary.

1. She doesn't speaks German. 2. They don't like fish or meat. 3. Paul and Bill doesn't work in the morning. 4. We doesn't live here. 5. I don't like studying French. 6. He doesn't watchs TV.