Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets.
1. If you´re late again, you (have) problems with the boss.
2. Do you think I (lose) weight if I eat less pasta?
3. I would go to Rome next summer if you (come) with me.
3. If you (continue) driving like that you (get) a fine.
4. Don´t worry. The dog (get) better if you (give) it the medicine.
5. She is so insecure! I´m sure she (find) a job if she (be) more confident.
6. We (can) go to the countryside and have a picnic if the weather was nice.
7. What you (do) if you (find) 500 euros on the street?
8. If I (be) you, I (try) to take things easy.